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 #109017  by GatorDude
1. DASAL doesn't put members' names up because they haven't gotten around to it. That's all.

2. The judge in NCCo does not necessarily follow the AG's recommendation and has, in fact, granted applications that the AG's office said should be denied.

3. My guess is the problem here is that there is a perceived pattern. I think an appeal hearing could result in a different outcome if the applicant demonstrated maturity and learning from his "carelessness" in his past. The judge cannot see that in written application.
 #109049  by MattyK17
Well I'll wait and see. Still waiting on judges decision. Letter I got was the the recommendation from the AGs office
 #109052  by GatorDude
Ummmmm......you weren't denied then.

The AG's Office is only their opinion/recommendation. The judge is not required to follow it and does not always follow it. Rather, the judge will assess the application, based on what's on the paper, according to whatever criteria he uses (which I understand is pretty standardized across the state).