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 #112094  by Eagle54190
Hey everyone, I'm new in Delaware and was just curious about carry laws. I am moving to Dover so any info would be awesome! Thank you!
 #112095  by NCC
 #112096  by Eagle54190
Thank you! I'm currently in the final stages before starting academy with DOC. I'm from NJ so carrying at all is very unheard of unless LEO etc
 #112097  by NCC
I understand. I escaped NJ on Nov. 30, 1987.
 #112111  by Pjd832
Welcome! My wife and I finally escaped in 2017 to a rural area of Kent county’ll be in Kent county which when applying for your concealed carry license is notably faster than new castle county, regardless of your employment. When I did mine (just to have one) it was 1 month from drop off to my mailbox, and my wife in the midst of “renewal season” was 2 months. Friends in N.C. County averaged 4-6 months a couple 7-8 months.
 #112114  by NCC

Not that bad any longer. For renewals anyway. Even late ones.