Current events, goings-on in Delaware and anything else of interest here.
 #112671  by soundman2345
It's really a shame that 95% of the posts I see on this forum are spam that gets reported. I miss the old days.
 #112672  by NCC
Relax Brother, the Democrats (corrected...sorry...habit) are back in the White House. Soon we will have much to pontificate on.

You want'em, come get'em.
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 #112673  by pick_six
Agree. Cleaning it up would be good. The spam posts, I mean.
 #112713  by pick_six
Yeah, even the mods/admin doesn’t come around much to blow away the trash.

Maybe that Facebook thing is going better. Haven’t checked in a while. The mrs is the Facebooker, I’ve just stayed away from opening an account.

Back to out regularly scheduled Chinese posts... or where every they’re coming from.
 #112714  by NCC
If this site is going to Failbook I would definitely like to know so that I can move on. I don't do Failbook so if that is where the action is I need to find someplace else to spend my time.
 #112739  by MrCoolDale
Yeah, I always enjoyed talking to everyone on here, but there's no way I'm going to Facebook. I left that wretched place years ago and have no interest in going back anytime soon.