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Here we go
We posted a wile back about the DART building in Dover having a gun restriction sign up, and within a month all DART offices state wide have posted the signs.
Well a visit to Dover DMV on Friday has revealed the plan from our rulers to prohibit the possession of guns in all state buildings because now there is a no gun sign on the Dover DMV door. (do not know about other DMV offices yet)
"prediction" Slowly over the next few months you will see the rulers invoke the no gun rule in all state buildings, like the State park ridiculousness and maybe see it trickle down to municipal buildings. When questioned about this taking of rights the answer will be that just like private citizens and businesses they "government" have the right if they deicide to keep guns from being brought in to "their" (Publicly owned) buildings enjoy DE. Like they bragged during this special election over 40 years of legislative control!!!!!!!!!!
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DaedalEVE wrote:Are these signs actually enforcable under state law?
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