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 #639  by Wynder
Okay, not really responsible, but funny nonetheless.
 #640  by LordJim
To hell with Sandals, I'm going to the Liberty City Gun Club!

 #641  by bms429
This game rocks!!!! :pbjtime: :pbjtime:

I have about 4 hours into it and its a blast. cant wait to get to the flying missions.
 #642  by Wynder

I offered an 'A' on the Final to anyone in my class last night who brought in their 360/PS3 for the purpose of letting me play GTA4 while they took the test.

No takers. :(
 #644  by bms429
thats funny no one took you up on that. its amazing the detail in activity that has gone into the game. for christs sake you have to pay tolls when going over bridges or cops chase you, haha. its pretty bad ass game. makes me wish i was home playing it right now.
 #675  by dave_in_delaware
Funny video. I think that'll be our DELOC Meeting #7...........

I never got into that game. I'm a Quake 3 Arena and Urban Terror junkie.