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Today I got the same canned response that josephjanes received.
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Today, I wrote a one page letter to Lisa Vest with my comments regarding the proposed changes. Basically, I urged that the proposed changes be rejected and that the same rules be applied to DNREC and DDA lands as in the rest of the State.

Hopefully, good common sense will prevail and I can start enjoying State Park lands once again. I'll wait to see what happens before buying a sticker for my car(s), no point to buying one if I can't use it. (Spending time in a dangerous "gun-free" zone ain't my idea of fun)
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CalExile posted a link to the regs in the other thread, in the most recent post.

review there to see if the place you want to go is prohibited.

as far as the court case, i think it's considered done.

i am not a lawyer, but i guess if someone wanted to say the coming regs are still not right, it would be a new case.
dean wrote:Thanks for the bump.

Are we still waiting for the courts to make a decision on this or can I go ahead and OC when I go fishing?
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What about this emergency order that was renewed in April?

I'm looking through the links CalExile provided now.
The Court recognized that restrictions on firearms are appropriate in limited public areas and facilities; but that licensed and qualified persons must be exempt from such prohibitions.
Is a licensed person separate from a qualified person? Would a person not prohibited from openly carrying a firearm be considered a qualified person? Any person possessing a firearm shall display identification upon request, sufficient to enable a law enforcement officer to undertake a background check.
What the :censored: ? So legally carrying a firearm is now a free ticket to be detained and have a bg check run on you?
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I don't see how the "papers please" portion of the regs is not a violation of the 4th amendment.
Even with Terry the police/rangers would still need a reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime was committed to even be able to ask. If OC is lawful there now, then merely carrying is not a crime in a park/forest. I'm guessing a lawsuit will have to occur before this get's 100% clarified. It will be interesting to see how a park ranger reacts to "Am I free to go?"