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 #110989  by josephjanes
Dear A.G. Denn - PLEASE consider charging, and convicting, Trinity Carr with 1st or 2nd degree assault (felony assault) on Amy Joyner Francis, so this violent criminal is NEVER able to buy a firearm ! Thank You !


Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 11:58 AM
To:; Joseph Janes
Subject: Trinity Carr

I am outraged that the Delaware Supreme Court has overturned the homicide conviction of Trinity Carr. Not only is this an injustice to the family of Amy Joyner-Francis, it also means that she has no felony record, and on her 18th birthday will be able to walk into any gun store in the state and buy a rifle or shotgun. In 3 years and a few months, Trinity Carr will be able to buy a handgun.

Please join me in appealing to Attorney General Matt Denn that he get a conviction for 1st or 2nd degree assault (felonies), so that this violent person is NEVER able to buy a firearm.