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 #111225  by josephjanes
Great talk by history-making and legal precedent-setting Dick Heller ! Sadly, astro-wannabe and I were the only Deloc members who attended.
Senate candidate Gene Truono (R) was there. About 20-25 people total, half were students.
Surprisingly, no protesters. Probably had no idea who Dick Heller was, or how important his Supreme Court victory was to our 2A rights.
 #111227  by rosco87
Dang it I missed it, I thought it was tonight!! Well I guess that frees up my evening tonight!
 #111553  by airman1968
Just a note that I attended that seminar with Dick Heller also. So that made three DELOC members there. I didn't know any one else from the group were in attendance i would have made contact with you. Sorry guys..