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 #665  by Wynder
A neighbor of mine is interested in picking up a .44 or .45 revolver -- any suggestions with pros and cons?
 #667  by stephpd
Ah, Judge :D
Overpriced and hard to come by right now.

Ruger makes the blackhawk, great gun and can shoot hot loads. Available in 44 magnum or 45 colt.

Taurus makes a nice 44 magnum in the tracker series. Cons, well it's a Taurus. Some people look down on this company but they do make good guns, generally, life time warranty. Customer service sucks sometimes but they will fix just about anything wrong with the gun. Even if it's the owners fault. :pointlaugh:

Colt still makes the 45.Cons, Pricey, twice as much as Taurus or Ruger. Pros, it's a colt.

I'm sure there are others, but those are off the top of my head.
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What is the revolver going to be primarily used for?
 #679  by Wynder
myopicvisionary wrote:What is the revolver going to be primarily used for?
Home defense is what I got... he has a shotgun which isI told him is nice, but I think he wants something more portable as well.
 #680  by myopicvisionary
For HD, I would opt for a S&W .45ACP using full moon clips. Ammo is much more available and affordable. Using full moon clips, reloads are very fast! I would avoid .45 Colt as the ammo is not as available or as affordable. The .44 Magnum is just too much for HD. The .44 Special is a good HD round, but ammo can be hard to find at times and pricey. If not locked into .44/.45, I would recommend a good used .357 magnum. A solid 4" blue revolver could be found for a bit over $200 if you shop around. Initial trainup with .38 HBWCs then advance with .38(non +P)s. After a good base level of skill has been reached, practice with, and carry .38(+P)s. The ultimate manstopper is the full house 125gr JHP .357 magnum. But is has a ferocious muzzle blast and flash, particularly in the dark!