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 #695  by Giustiniani
Hey everyone

I don't want to seem like I'm an egomaniac or anything, but I just wanted to announce this past weekends events for the National Guard competition.

We had our ... Xth annual (cant remember 62nd or something) Delaware Rifle and Pistol Competition at the River Road Armory, right next to Ommelanden and across from the Soccer Complex. It was a Army and Air invitational match for issue rifle and pistol (M16 and Beretta M9).

Our unit, 166th ALW had 2 teams, 4 per team. We shot individual and team competition.

Our 'A' team got 2nd place with a score of 403 out of a maximum of 720. (The first place team got a 417.) That was my boss's team. My team scored a 324. Mind you, these are very low scores. Many of the best state shooters were not there this year.

Anyway, the individual competition consisted of standing, kneeling, and barricade supported slow fire, and the Excellence in Competition matches. The EIC is standing, rapid-fire, multiple target engagement. Out of our shooters we had only one in the top ten.

ME!!!!! :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime: I got first place with a score of 434 points out of a maximum of 540. The next shooter was a 407. I am this year's Delaware Grand Master Pistol Champion for the National Guard. I should be getting invited to the Regional Competition at Ft Indiantown Gap, PA.

My ultimate goal is to make the All Guard team. Anyway, to award myself for my good shootyness, I bought myself a Beretta 92FS. I have to get a metal spring rod for it and then it'll be almost identical to the one I use for competition. When I get pics of the trophies I will post them. This will also be updated with other stuff as the year progresses.

Will upload pic as soon as I figure out how.

Edit: PICS ... t=ber1.jpg
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 #696  by myopicvisionary
Hi, it was nice meeting you at the award ceremony. I see some things never change; hurry up and wait. Next year you are going to have some serious competition when the 153rd MP Co. (Combat Fwd) returns from Iraq. Be on the lookout for SGT Victor Consiglio, former state champion (as was I), and a real nice guy. As for the regionals; unless they've changed things, the second place team went to the regionals at FIG and the champions went to Camp Robinson, Ark for the National Guard Championship Matches (The Wilson Matches). Now that you got your first 4) EIC leg points at the state level, you have to go higher to earn any more. But you can still compete in the EIC at the state level for the trophy(and bragging rights) but no points. Pity I am retired from the military, I would have liked to gone head to head with you!
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So, I'm the new guy around here and don't know much about the complexities of competition, but I do know that it's always an awesome feeling to be first! Congratulations and looking forward to meeting you someday (Thursday, if I can make it).

Again, congrats.

 #707  by dave_in_delaware
Congratulations! That's quite an achievement! I know I'm not nearly that good yet to even consider entering any competition.

Your skills are complete. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen.
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dave_in_delaware wrote:Congratulations! That's quite an achievement! I know I'm not nearly that good yet to even consider entering any competition.

Your skills are complete. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen.
When things get settled for you, we'll have to do some range time, man!

It's not the quantity of rounds you shoot, rather the quality of the time spent shooting. Next time I go to Ommelanden, I'll see if I can convince you to go -- ammo's on me. :)
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Speaking of, Dave...

You available this coming Saturday to hit the range?

Just found out that the wife will be taking the kids out for a playdate in the morning.
 #730  by dave_in_delaware
I appreciate the offer, Sir. It's very kind of you. And I'll take you up on your offer someday.... But, alas, I have the kids this Saturday.

Now, to de-hijack this thread... :?
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Yeah, great shooting gwee. Glad to know that there are better shots then me in the group. I rate somewhere around Dave in DE. Of course the gun I carry doesn't help. I couldn't find a smaller .45 then the Taurus. That and my eyesight is so bad, nearsighted, that I can't see the front sight. Point shooting is the best I can hope for. That and I have an unnatural shake that makes holding the gun steady near impossible. Great for welding, not so good for much else.

Keep up the shooting and let us know how you do in the next levels. :D
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Thanks guys,

I really appreciate the support. I promise I will keep on going. In fact I am going to the IDPA match on Sat. in Sudlersville.

If anyone is interested PM me and I'll try to hook you up. I plan on shooting my brandy new beretta :D :D :D

 #765  by myopicvisionary
Bad eyesight? Get thee to the optometrist. Have a pair of glasses made just for shooting. Measure from your eye to the front sight of your weapon when held normally. This is distance that your glasses will correct for. I knew of one elderly gent who had to hang up his M14 service rifle due to his eyes. He hunted around and found a guy who ground him some lenses that put his front sight post in perfect focus. The doc was so cool, he had the guy bring his rifle to office so that he would be sure the measurements were right!