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I had heard of that along with a few other tricks for glasses and focal lengths. The thing is that I'd have to have several different types of glasses for the different things I do. Bifocals trifocals etc. But since I see a handgun as a tool for self defense I train for real life, everyday use. And that's with glasses for distance vision set correctly in both eyes.

When I'm on the computer, reading and working stuff less then arms length I usually just take my glasses off. This or just safety glasses could work shooting, but the target would be a big blurr.

And I would still have to deal with the high speed shaking of the hands trying to hold up a gun at arms length. And both hands don't shake the same amount. Probably why I can shoot better with one hand then two.

Lots of things I could do to improve my ability to hit a target. But the main reason for carrying is for protection and having to deal with a bad situation under less then ideal conditions. And I can hit a target at combat ranges well enough.