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I'm working on re-bluing a gun for the first time. I used Birchwood Casey Rust & Blue Remover to get the old blue off( i read about the, here, then I #0000 steel wooled to get it nice and shiny and clean. I used Birchwood Casey Degreaser and washed that off in water, some of the parts after that point turned like rusty yellow brown color. I was not expecting that so I tried Acetone and no water, but no luck really getting it off. Should I steel wool it and then acetone it again? Should I have not have run it under water? Because I did some small pieces with Oxpho Blue and I must say I'm not very impressed with my work I must've done 10-15 coatings and after I gun oiled the parts they still looked not that deep dark blue I was looking for.

Any help for an amateur? Thanks a lot.
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Try asking your question on the forum at PAFOA.ORG because you are more likely to find someone experienced in rebluing guns over there.