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 #227  by Wynder
Hey there, Guys.

I wanted to give you all a bit of information on the site and plans and whatnot, just to keep you in the loop.
  • I've added a "Section" button to the top. You can press this button and a tag will be inserted where your cursor is, allowing you to just type in the section number between the tags and it will be be posted looking like this: § 1441.
  • A YouTube tag/button as been added at the top. To use this, you need to copy in *just* the string of characters after the '=' in the YouTube link, not the full address.
  • Though it doesn't appear up top, a GoogleVideo tag has been added as well, simply place square brackets ([]) around the word 'googlevideo' and, again, copy in the numeric identifier at the end of the video address.
  • Because I like to center things, I've added a center tag. Simply highlight a section of text and click it, or click it and insert your text between the tags.
  • Some of you may have noticed we've been experiencing some "Internal Server Errors" where the page kind of times out. I've taken this up with my webhost and it's currently escalated to the highest level of support they have. Hopefully it will be resolved soon and, if not, I'll be moving the site to another host who can handle it.
  • I'll continue to update the Firearms Laws PDF -- actually, I'll be doing an update today with a "Where Can't I Carry?" quick reference list at the top, and the statutes that prohibit carrying in a courthouse or police station discovered by Ijusam.
  • As soon as I can find a decent spell checker plugin for this version of the forums, I'll be adding that as well. :)
If you have any requests, suggestions, comments, issues or problems, feel free to post them here. :)

Also, I'd like to request that, if you don't mind, to please fill out the "Location" portion of your profile in the format "City, State".
 #237  by Wynder
The hosting company has switched database servers which seems to have had an immediate effect -- please let me know if you see any future "500 Internal Server Errors".

 #245  by dave_in_delaware
As far as a spellchecker, I use Firefox at home, and that has a built-in deal. It'll underline questionable (or incorrect) words, and then you right-click on it, and pick the correct spelling from a list. It's awesome.

But, alas, I'm sure some of you are loyal to Micro$oft. :geek:

I'll be on the lookout for the Internal Server ewrrors for sure. I have been experiencing those almost daily in the mornings lately.
 #246  by Wynder
dave_in_delaware wrote:I'll be on the lookout for the Internal Server ewrrors for sure. I have been experiencing those almost daily in the mornings lately.
Tomorrow will be the big test -- I'm confident though as the forums have been blazingly speedy since I switched the database servers.