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 #269  by myopicvisionary
I spoke to Officer Skinner of the Newark PD today. I asked him as to the policy of the city in regards to OC. He said that he knows that it is legal in most of the rest of the state but that there are ordinances against it in Newark proper. He acknowledged that the law is vague and said that people OCing in the past have been detained. He was not sure what would happen after the detention due to the vagaries of the law. He was aware of the state pre-emption but said that if a citizen called about "a man with a gun" detention would be most likely. He was courteous to me and never questioned my reasons for OCing in the rest of the state (save Dover). He intimated that OC was not high on their radar and the legalities involved were the dealings of those above him. He shook my hand and told me to stay safe. This was a pleasant interchange.

I am really glad I didn't OC to the barber yesterday as I posted in my log!