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 #329  by George
Periodically, the towns (such as Dover) will re-incorporate. It appears to me that they are resetting the charter to allow them to do something that wasn’t previously allowed. Maybe increase taxes beyond a certain point, annex more land when the boundaries were rigidly defined in the previous charter, or raise pay rates. I understand that codes and ordinances remain in effect because they are basically readopted without break. So…. If this is actually what happens, how can that effect an ordinance that has been preempted? Would it not be an invalid ordinance as it would be effectively a new ordinance, or am I understanding this process all wrong. I can see how a normal ordinance would not be affected as it would be legal if they repealed the ordinance then reinstated. But if you repealed the open carry ban then reinstated it then it would be an invalid ordinance per state law. could this be a way to invalidate any opencarry bans for any town re-incorporated after preemption??
 #332  by Wynder
We really need a lawyer or JD in our group. :(
 #337  by myopicvisionary
I second the motion! Does the NRA have a list of lawyers in each state?
 #499  by dave_in_delaware
myopicvisionary wrote:I second the motion! Does the NRA have a list of lawyers in each state?
I posted a contact name/number of a lawyer who deals w/ gun laws in DE. Got his name from NRA-ILA in VA. It's in the Lawyers thread.