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 #403  by Wynder
Anyone interested in going with me? Either to compete or watch?

It will be held at the Southern Chester County Sportsman's Association:

All you need is eyes, ears, an unmodified gun (internal... different sights are OK), a holster, 3-4 magazines (pouches preferred as well), 150 rounds of ammo or so and a few hours. It's $20 to shoot if you're a USPSA member, $25 to shoot if you're not and $40 to sign up for USPSA there and you shoot for free that day.

Setup starts at 8AM (don't know if I'll be going THAT early, but I will be helping out a bit) and the match starts at 11AM, usually running about 3 hours.

It's a LOT of fun, you learn a LOT from the guys there and from watching others run the courses of fire. They're VERY newbie friendly and, if you like, you can even do your match as a walk-through where you're not scored, but you walk through slowly as you like with the RO and he guides you through.

Also, you may, on your own, move at your own pace. If you're new, they put you in the group with the A-class/master/grand-master shooters who very freely offer advice and suggestions to better your grip, stance or overall technique.

If you're interested, please let me know. I'm definitely willing to carpool -- I could take up to two people in my vehicle (only about a 40-minute trip or so) and I'd love the company.