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Wasn't someone looking for a test case on this? Or lawyer for said case? Several months ago?
Kuntryboy816 wrote:Welcome to the forum Jack. Hopefully someone knowledgeable will be able to answer your question on stun guns.
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CherokeeJack wrote:Unclear on Dela. Stun gun laws, have heard that New Castle Cy. severely restricts possession. Joshua Sanders, Asst. Deputy, Appellate Ct. atty., N.J., just overturned N.J. law equating stun guns with regular firearms. Is this an issue in Dela., i.e., N.C. Cy.? Want details? peace, jack sanders
They are prohibited under both New Castle County and City of Wilmington ordinances.

I am not personally aware of any political movement to rescind those ordinances. The last time I tried contacting my County Councilperson about this a couple years ago I was just ignored. Considering the recent rulings in other states it may be worth pushing our reps to proactively rescind these.

Member brich2929 was trying to organize some sort of lawsuit effort back at the beginning of the year but I haven't heard anything of it recently: viewtopic.php?t=11051

Feel free to start a new discussion thread on the topic if you wish to discuss further.
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sup, moving from nj to delaware .. millsboro area, hopefully some of you are in the slower lower ... moving with my parents since they are retiring .. I'm holding off buying stuff since i don't want to comply with nj laws..
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Welcome to DELOC :D

We have a few esteemed members from southern Delaware. ;)
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thanks, i talked to one gun shop he said people in the slower lower dont really OC.. so ill have to find 5 friends fast ... ill be by rehoboth so ill find a little job easy so i can go to college .. Someone i went to school moved in the 8th gradeto delaware and we're going to be 10 mins apart.. so hopefully i have 1 of the 5 lol
Owen wrote:Welcome to DELOC :D

We have a few esteemed members from southern Delaware. ;)
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Hlan1209 wrote:Hi to all, my name is Hrvoje and I'm from Croatia. I join this forum to get some help and maybe help someone. Sorry for bad English
Welcome to the forum! Are you still located in Croatia or just originally from there?
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