Current events, goings-on in Delaware and anything else of interest here.
 #92922  by DP21
Hi my name is Dave live in Claymont carry concealed. been reading the forums for over a year and finally registered. Thanks for all the great info on here.
 #92934  by edz71
Hi,my name is Ed.I live in northern DE.I am new to handguns,I have however owned several shotguns and rifles since I was 18.Friday I just bought a Beretta px4 storm .40 s&w.I am currently looking into getting my CC.I am also looking forward to learning a lot,and to meet my fellow citizens who also believe in the 2nd Amendment!
 #92937  by photog
Welcome Gentlemen!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

Lots of good information and friendly people here.

Have a nice day!
 #93584  by Morder Chemiker
Hey guys, Andrew form Clayton, I've been over on (same username) for a little while now, I used to browse on this forum before but just finally got registered. Seems like there's a bit more action over here so I figured I'd get involved.
 #93660  by kdc86
Hello All,

Name is Kurt, live in Milford. Signed up a few weeks ago and have already been to one meet up. I had a blast! Can't wait to continue getting to know the community.
 #93663  by Cbmarine
As with Morder Chemiker, I have been browsing this forum for a while but have been more active on deccw using the same screen name. We are having an active discussion over there re the HB88, the mental health bill that was defeated in the Senate after passing the House 40-1. In this case, I believe that this bill can be amended to avoid unintended consequences while heading off more onerous bills such as HB58 and HB67. If you disagree with my assertions, please present a cogent constructive argument with appropriate documentation.
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