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 #112424  by Wynder
Greetings, folks!

So, there's been a couple of changes as you can see! Delaware Open Carry was founded 11 years ago -- since that time technology has evolved. With the forums, I've had to update the server to use the most current, secure web application software which broke the older version of the forums we were using. So, that got updated as well. :) We'll push through and make do as we try to get things a bit more cohesive. But your help is still needed...

"But Rob, why are you asking for money on an otherwise free website?" That's a great question! After our first two years of operation, Delaware Open Carry had become so wildly popular and active that our remote host regularly got overwhelmed. That, combined with the general latency and downtime issues made using the site difficult.

So, in 2009, I leased a server. It's a machine over which I have complete administrative control and I'm free to tweak and modify for performance to my heart's content. So, there's the annual lease on that system, the domain name registrations, as well as any other incidentals we may need in terms of additional disk space, memory or bandwidth allotment. I think we can all agree that it's worked out fabulously!

I stand here with hat in hand asking you... if you've enjoy using this site, the community, the fact that we're the only grassroots open carry community in Delaware, please give what you can to support the site. We do this once a year and we ask for it voluntarily so we can keep Delaware Open Carry a free resource.

I hope you'll help support us!

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 #112426  by NCC
Break out your wallet and let all the flies out. I was number 1!

:pbjtime: :applause: :roll:
 #112428  by Wynder
As always, thank you for your support!!!
 #112429  by NCC
Thanks Rob, but not needed, I love this forum. The folks here are very knowledgeable and friendly. I hope we have this resource for a very long time. It is invaluable to every noob that comes here too.