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Well, jump on in! We have four matches left in the season.

Sunday, 13 JUL Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 09 AUG Seaford, DE
Sunday, 14 SEP Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 11 OCT Seaford, DE

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June 21st, 2014
This morning was the PPC Regional hosted by The Maryland Police Combat Association. I competed in the Distinguished Revolver match.

My Colt Python was the only one of it kind on the range. It garnered a lot of oohs and aahs. My target, not so much.

A view of some competitors at the 25 yard line viewed from the 50 yard line.

Unfortunately, the picture of Stage “A” of the match got deleted somehow. Here is Stage “B” fired at the 50 yard line. The two errant shots were from the left side of the barricade. My final score was a 552-17X out of a possible 600-60X. So with only a 92.00% there is no chance of putting any Distinguished points on the board. Combat effective? Most certainly. Match winning? Not even close.
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July 13th, 2014

This month’s PPC match was of no help to my season high average. I usually score in the mid 460s. Today; however, I couldn’t get my act together. I shot well under the time limits, going way to fast. My scores reflect this with a pair of 449s and a high score of 450! More practice needed before next month.
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Here is the 2015 season schedule for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association.

Open to police and civilians alike. Beginners are welcome. We shoot the NRA stock auto/revolver course of fire. Forty-eight rounds on a B-27 target from 3 to 25 yards.
All magazines are loaded with 6rds.

String #1: 6rds from the holster standing strong hand only in 8 seconds at 3yds.
String #2: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 7yds.
String #3: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 15yds.
String #4: 18rds from the holster with 2 hands in 90 seconds at 25yds. First 6rds are kneeling right side barricade. Second 6rds are standing left hand barricade. Last 6rds are standing right hand barricade.

The yearly dues are $25.00 which pays for the award banquet at the end of the year. The first relay is $15.00, any subsequent relays for the day are $10.00. We alternate monthly between the Seaford, De and Sudlersville, MD ranges. For any questions, contact Gene Esham @ 302-381-7711.

Sunday, 12 APR Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 09 MAY Seaford, DE
Saturday, 13 JUN Seaford, DE
Sunday, 12 JUL Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 08 AUG Seaford, DE
Sunday, 13 SEP Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 10 OCT Seaford, DE

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All of the Sunday matches at Sudlersville are cancelled and will be fired the day before at the Seaford range.
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