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Where do I go so I can purchase the trial? Is there still a celebrity group or whatever it was in which you select players/legends and it is a round robin? Just mode I spent time on. Thus far, I've seen conflicting reviews of this Mut 21 coins game. Just gonna have to try it . So tell us exactly what you would change? What would be your amazing Madden game? Just interested. My guess. . .take nearly any NBA 2k game and make it NFL. Or take NCAA soccer 14 and make it NFL. I'll just give a little bit if of a condensed edition.

Gameplay- Most of all I want less RNG with participant interactions. I want stats to matter concerning player movement to help user ability like in PS2 Madden. Yes the CPU had ankle broke animations on jukes and spins but came because of over chasing and then needing to correct themselves more than the usual pre scripted animation. Also just more physics to be involved in terms of outcomes. They say that's how it is now but I believe you be hard pressed to see that the situation. Maybe like a less extreme version of backbreaker mixed with Old Madden. I enjoy the 2K NFL sprint system of tapping to Sprint but I understand that is a personal taste. I would also like smarter A.I overall, the blocking needs mended and some plays are broken. I like skills but they should be more like badges in 2K where they simply have tiers of effectiveness instead of arcade superpowers. There is a lot more I could put here but I think my main takeaway is just more math, meaningful attributes, less RNG.

Franchise- just give me everything in Madden 07(PS2) with a few additions from my League such as Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins player characters and contract options. Likely skill trees as well and personnel options. Realistically within another few years that I just need something in the presentation outside of games besides Fake Twitter to make you feel like your at a living world. I want players to be more than their stats with group building roles that distinguish them with greater scouting. At this time it seems like nothing more than Play Now with muti sport stat tracking.