Because we enjoy good company and good food.


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 #107769  by dave_in_delaware
It's that time of year again when the weather is nice enough to be outside actually enjoying it.

Typically, we would ask members to volunteer to host a meeting at their home one day during the weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday). Since you're hosting it, you pick the date(s) and time(s) that suit you best. Addresses are not posted publicly; the Private Message system would be used for any address and directions info.

The way it works is the host(s) provide a main meal (burgers, hotdogs, etc) and the other members who definitely plan on attending bring everything else (rolls, napkins, cups, plates, plastic ware, sides, drinks, desserts, etc). Then it becomes kind of an all-day picnic....

So, if you'd like to volunteer to host this month, please let me know. Thank you.
 #107859  by dave_in_delaware
We are now into May. Any volunteers to host this month?
 #107969  by dave_in_delaware
astro_wanabe wrote:Considering that we're now half way through May if nobody has volunteered yet it may be time to pick a restaurant.
I know that. I had contacted a new potential restaurant to find out if they could accommodate our group, but have heard nothing.

SO, since I've heard rumors about a private room here, let's try

Route 40 Diner
1705 Pulaski Highway
Bear, DE 19701

Please vote for a date or dates that you could attend.
 #108017  by dave_in_delaware
With 5 votes (to 2 or 1), we have our winner:

Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Time: 6:30pm
until ??

Route 40 Diner

1705 Pulaski Highway
Bear, DE 19701
 #108032  by dave_in_delaware
Pseudo-reservation has been made under the name "David" for an unknown number of people. I told her anywhere from 4 to 20. She was fine with it.

See you there!
 #108033  by whatevah
I'm across the street helping a friend's mother after her trailer caught fire, hoping to make it over. I might smell like smoke, though...
 #108040  by dave_in_delaware
It was a decent turnout this evening. We had 11 or 12 people by my quick count.

Food was good. Wait staff was punctual and on top of things. And we had the entire private room to ourselves, which could have handles a LOT more people.

At the end after everyone paid, the one waitress asked me if we are cops and I told her no, but we carry for self defense. She said we need to in today's world. I also told her we meet every month at different restaurants, and she said to come back again! We are welcome anytime.