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June 11
June 18
June 25
 #107910  by brich2929
soundman2345 wrote:
Kuntryboy816 wrote:Grrrrr... this is why I didn't commit yet to June. Both of my kids birthdays and a few family memebers. I guess I'll start planning it all out with the wife and try and steer her more towards the beginning or middle of the month for planning purposes. :twisted:
What better place is there to celebrate your kids birthdays than at Sodbuster's?
 #107912  by myopicvisionary
I will not be able to stop in as I will be at the Bucks County Swiss rifle match that day.
 #108013  by dave_in_delaware
I will be there unless some random act of God interferes.

I'll bring a batch (or two) of my "famous" chocolate chip cookies. And if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll bring a bowl of an Asian-inspired pasta salad that I've been wanting to try (but lacking the motivation) to make.
 #108018  by Fishhunter911
Will be there, likely have 3 of us. We will bring rolls for the burgers and dogs.
 #108043  by SigGirl
Wouldn't miss this for the world!!! I'll bring my famous fudgy PB and Choc chunk brownies.

OH and my arsenal of course! LOL Can't wait to see you Terry & Terry. :D
 #108142  by airman1968
Where is this place???? Sodbusters for the June meeting....
 #108143  by Deast
airman1968 wrote:Where is this place???? Sodbusters for the June meeting....

PM Sodbuster and he will send you directions. Google maps pits you on the wrong road...

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