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Mon, March 20
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 #109867  by Kuntryboy816
There was a decent turnout last night. Six of us showed up and had a good time. We got to meet Zach619 last night. Zach inquired about the legalities of OC in a vehicle through a School Safe Zone and a discussion ensued. Joe had a printed copy of the State and Federal laws handy. I'm not sure if the subject was completely settled or not but it was a good topic of conversation.
 #109868  by dave_in_delaware
I'm glad it was a decent turnout. Sounds like you all had some great conversation topics.
 #109872  by Kuntryboy816
On another note... we may or may not have ruined the "bottomless fries" claim for all future patrons of Red Robin! I meant to snag a pic but we wanted to wait for Boots to return to the table and then I forgot. I think at one point we had 8 baskets (not the little ones that come w/ your meal) on the table! Let's just say that Joe got a workout carrying his takeout fries home! :D