Because we enjoy good company and good food.

Which date could you attend?

June 10th
June 24th
 #110041  by dave_in_delaware
It is with great pleasure that I start this thread with a wonderful announcement.

Our very own sodbuster (and Mrs. sodbuster) have graciously volunteered to host June's meeting again this year!

A big THANK YOU!!! to our hosts!

With NASCAR being the 3rd and Firefly being on the 17th, that leaves only two Saturdays to pick from: either the 10th or the 24th. Our hosts want the membership to vote on which date suits the majority.

I will be creating a poll at the beginning of May and let it run for a good 3 weeks. Be sure to check back to get your vote in!

I'll let our host post here as to what the start/end times will be, any activities that will be offered, and what will be provided. The membership can post what they'll be bringing and somewhere the host can maintain a list of have/need items.

Stay tuned......
 #110074  by dave_in_delaware
Poll has been created. Please vote for the day you could attend, or vote for both if either date works for you. Poll ends in 3 weeks.

Thank you.
 #110081  by Sodbuster
Location:Our farm in Frederica

Time: 10am until whenever

We provide hotdogs and hamburgers, guests supply the rest.
Drinks, side dishes, desserts, utensils, plates, etc.

Range open all day.

Primitive camping allowed the night before and after.

Sign up list:
Hot dogs, Hamburgers- Sodbuster
Cookies, Pie - dave_in_delaware
drinks, plates, utensils - astro_wanabe
hot dog, hamburger buns- XJBeans
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 #110128  by dave_in_delaware
Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017

Time: 10:00am until ??

Place: Sodbuster's farm in Frederica, DE

Please note: We do not post personal info about our members. If you need the address and/or directions, please use the PM system here and contact Sodbuster directly. Thank you.
 #110145  by dave_in_delaware
My better half and I plan on being there. We'll plan on arriving around noon.

I'll be making a batch (or two?) of my "famous" chocolate chip cookies. Plus I'll bring an authentic Amish-made shoo fly pie (baked by one of my neighbors).

Also, we have three other friends who want to attend and will try to make it.... Two of them (males) are already gun aficionados but one of them (female) is new to shooting. So I'd like to ask a favor from one (or a few) of you who are attending: Could you please take a little time from the festivities and show this new shooter the basics? I'd do it myself but honestly I shoot so infrequently I don't think I'd be a good teacher. Please let me know here or in PM if you're willing to help. Thank you.

Looking forward to another wonderful June meeting! Thanks again to the Sodbusters for hosting!
 #110170  by Sodbuster
Two weeks to go.

If you will be attending, let me know.

Don't miss the newly expanded range. ( now out to 150 yds.)
 #110179  by Boots
Sodbuster wrote:Two weeks to go.

If you will be attending, let me know.

Don't miss the newly expanded range. ( now out to 150 yds.)
Sadly, I'll be out of state that day and will miss the opportunity to participate. :(

I hope everyone has a fun and safe day!
 #110183  by Sodbuster
astro_wanabe wrote:I can bring drinks and plates / utensils. Also interested in camping the night before.

Not a problem. Come on down.