Because we enjoy good company and good food.


Mon, Aug 21
Tue, Aug 22
Wed, Aug 23
Thu, Aug 24
 #110407  by dave_in_delaware
Sadly, you won't be seeing us. We're in the middle of packing and moving. Gotta be moved out by end of the month. :banghead:

Enjoy your evening!
 #110409  by Wynder
dnovakoff wrote:How do I recognize this group at the restaurant?
They'll be the one with the guns!
 #110414  by Kuntryboy816
It was good seeing everyone the other night! There were 10 of us so it was definitely a better turnout than the previous month! :lol: The table that was sitting across from us was very interested in our gathering (in a positive way). The lady actually approached me and inquired about us. So I gave her the Deloc info (via napkin-gram) and she had already found the forum page as I handed her the info. I'm horrible with names and can't recall theirs but I gave them both my name and username with the info. Hoping to see a new post in the introduction thread soon! :D

Dawn and I had a great time (kid free too). Hope to see y'all next month as well!