Because we enjoy good company and good food.

Which day(s) could you attend?

July 06
July 20
July 27
 #112032  by dave_in_delaware
The Sodbusters have graciously volunteered to host July's gathering at their farm in Frederica!

I'll let our host give the details in a later post in this thread.

For now, please vote for the day(s) you could attend so we can figure out a definite date. Poll will run for 3 weeks. All the dates listed are Saturdays.
 #112043  by dave_in_delaware
OK, so we have our date!

Date: Saturday, July 6, 2019
Time: 10:00am until ??

I'll let our host maintain the "list" in a post of his and set the start/end times and provide any other details. As for the address, we don't post members' addresses publicly, so please PM our host for that info and directions.

As usual, I'll bring dessert. Most likely chocolate chip cookies.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! I know I always look forward to this annual meeting.

Thanks again to our hosts!
 #112044  by Sodbuster
Festivities will start at 10am.

We'll supply hotdogs, burgers, cups, plates and silverware. Guests can bring buns, side dishes, drinks, ice, desserts, etc.

Sign up below and let us know what you're bringing.

dave_in_delaware - chocolate chip cookies
astro_wanabe - buns
Twitchn1911 - potato salad, potato chips
Boots - 2-liter sodas
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 #112052  by Twitchn1911
We can bring some potato salad and some potato chips.

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 #112053  by Boots
Jen and I can bring five 2-liter sodas.
 #112073  by dave_in_delaware
A big "thank you" to our hosts for today's meeting. We had a wonderful time. Food, drink, and conversation was great as usual. A dozen people made it out this year. Lots of fun.

Thanks again!