Because we enjoy good company and good food.

How many?

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 #96025  by dave_in_delaware
Please vote on the day(s) you can make it to a gathering (third week in March). Poll runs for 11 days.

Edited to ask for suggestions for a location, unless everyone wants last week's runner-up. Or should I just pick somewhere?
 #96147  by Kuntryboy816
Famous Dave's, Red Robbin, Bertucci's (all in the same shopping center)
 #96148  by soundman2345
Kuntryboy816 wrote:Hibachi's...
Famous Dave's, Red Robbin, Bertucci's (all in the same shopping center)
#1 Famous Daves
#2 Bertucci's
#3 Red Robin
#4 Hibachi (not Hibachi Grill)

Hibachi has buy 1 get 1 free coupon in Clipper Magazine flyer.
 #96176  by dave_in_delaware
A restaurant? No.

A "concerned" customer? Yes. At the Middletown Applebee's a while back (not last month). Police showed up and watched us get seated. Before long they just left. No one was approached. Quite uneventful.
 #96334  by stephpd
Georgie B wrote:Any restaurants ever call police ?
All in all open carry is a non event. There have been a couple folks that have had bad experiences with the police. But as time goes on these become far less frequent. Safe to say that most of the police departments are now aware of OC being legal.

All of our OC meet and greets have been non events. We've seen LEO's and other uniformed folks carrying, yet none have even bothered to talk to us at these dinners. Most of the folks that talk to us seem to think it's a good idea. Always interesting when an older female not attending our meet and greets mentions she's CCing too.
 #96351  by photog
Time to change the poll for the restaurant choice.... suggestions folks?
 #96352  by soundman2345
Famous Dave's :pbjtime: