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 #112578  by Lineman09
Hello all, had a question about Delaware’s reciprocity list, I’m a PA resident with an AZ non-res license and when looking on the Delaware attorney generals website, AZ is listed as a state with reciprocity however the website currently states the list is valid 1/15/19 to 1/14/20, and that they re-publish the list annually. Since it appears they didn’t update it for this year, are all the previously listed states still accepted and can I still carry currently with my AZ license? Thanks for any info
 #112580  by soundman2345
From the Attorney General's page :

This list is made available to all State and local law-enforcement agencies within the State of Delaware and any license or permit recognized below is valid for one year and will not be removed without one (1) year’s notice of impending removal and no sooner than January 15 of the calendar year following the expiration of this one-year period. Notice of impending removal will be provided to the state in question and will be posted to this site. There are currently no notices of pending removal that would take effect January 15, 2020.

The last sentence tells me that you're good to go.