Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
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Same topic but I changed the title so that it might garner more attention to the intended purposes of my post.

Also just another FYI: I went to the TD Bank across the parking lot where I work to have my CCDW applications notarized. They don't charge any fee for the service! Yay! Another freebie!

I filled out 2 applications exactly the same and had both notarized to turn in to the prothonotary. I wasn't sure if a xeroxed copy of a notarized form was acceptable or not.
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harr2969 wrote:Artisans offers same free service for customers.

I asked the C/S guy if there was a fee and he said no. He never asked if I was a customer or not. I haven't banked with them since they switched over from Commerce.
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if you are a AAA member, you can get passport photos for free or discounted depending on your level of membership.
 #99270  by Red Alert
Farmer's Market does photo's too. 10 bucks same day service...
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On the latest renewal application (version March 2015) there is no longer a mention of a size requirement for the photos, just "... two (2) color passport-style photographs...."

So during in the last ten months or so, what size are people submitting? Regular 2" square, or the smaller 1-1/2" square?