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 #110846  by Owen
I'm no expert with 45 ACP but a lot of the semi-wad holes I've seen are pretty crisp almost like a hole punch. Do you think they are key-holing a little bit? Where any hotter loads making more crisp holes? Just a thought I could definitely be wrong. :)
 #110851  by myopicvisionary
The bullet holes are not key holes. The tears are because the targets are not affixed to a firm backer.
 #110860  by Owen
I understand. The targets I see have a full cardboard backer so they punch out clean circles.

That group was very good so I think you have a winner. Not that you need me to tell you that! :D

Edit: I use poly coated bullets now too. They shoot very clean in the gun and are supposed to keep down lead in the air.