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 #96557  by outrun

There is confusion online so let me clarify. This is the loading is for a 'small ring' 1891 Mauser built by Ludwig Loewe. The maximum pressure for this action is 40,000.

If the 7.65x53 is used on 'large ring' Mauser 98 actions like the Argentine Model 1909 the pressure is 56,000 psi.

I did email Alliant asking for a powder charge to get to 40,000 psi but no response was ever recieved.

Are there any suggestions you guys can make? I would like to use gas checked cast bullets rather than FMJ to be further easier on the 119 year old action. If you can tell me powder type, powder charge, corresponding to both a "light" and "heavy" boolit I would be appreciative.

Squibs seem neat and fun but I am not experienced enough to experiment and test super light and low velocity loads.

The idea is a safe action with spec pressure so I never endanger myself or others with a kaboom. Thank you!