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 #100662  by astro_wanabe
My assistant manager's father passed away a bit ago and left behind several ammo cans worth of 12 gauge hand loads which she had no idea what to do with. Since I'm the only one she knows that's "into guns" she asked me to help dispose of them. I don't reload and don't plan to start any time soon, so I'm offering these up FOR COMPONENT PIECES. Since these are reloads of unknown load and quality I DO NOT RECOMMEND SHOOTING THEM, but I figured someone that reloads would be able to use at least the shot and possibly the wads. Some of the hulls might be salvageable but some have quite significant rust on the brass. Ammo cans not part of offer and need to be returned to her. Approximately 450 loaded shells and about 500 extra primers.

Also a small amount (maybe 30?) of 30-30 soft points and a handful of 30-06, both hand loads of unknown quality, FOR COMPONENTS ONLY.

I can meet someone around the Newark area, or give them to you at the next monthly meeting.