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 #101957  by whatevah
Anybody have input on the 1911 offerings from Springfield Armory? I've been wanting a stainless 1911 for a few months and they've got a promotion for 3 free magazines for new pistols purchased by the end of the month.

I was leaning toward a 9mm gun because of the lack of recoil and ammo cost, but they're hard to find in stainless. (But, not as rare as a 10mm stainless 1911).

If I go with a Springfield 1911, it'll likely be a "loaded" model, mainly for the better sights and beavertail vs the "mil-spec" model. It'll be a "BBQ gun" with a leather OWB holster and maybe a IWB holster for occasional CC use.
 #101960  by NCC
Nice guns. Just curious what has made you settle on a Springfield 1911 though.
 #101970  by whatevah
I'm open to any brand, was just giving first dibs to Springfield because of the magazine promotion.

Thanks for the info, Chris! I'm sure I'll talk to you soon. :)
 #101971  by NCC
I was just curious. I have 4 of them, all .45, 2 compact, 2 full size. None are Springfields. Nor Kimber. Nor a lot of others I guess. I always wanted a Paraordnance though for the multi-stack mags they use.

BTW, if you get a true 1911 then Mags will be coming out your ears. I prefer McCormick mags though.
 #101972  by cj45lc
What he said ^^^ about the mags LOL
I believe they are breeding in the drawer I keep them

BTW the Ruger stainless has been a good pistol for the price for me, I really can't say how it compares to other 1911's as it is my first venture into the 1911 game but I'll say it goes bang every time on any ammo I've fed it & is by far more accurate than me
 #102088  by Tate
I have a Springfield Range Officer in .45 that I picked up new from Viper98 last year. It is my first 1911 and my first shot out of it was after shooting my Glock 17, then my AR15, then the 1911, my first pull of the trigger went off before I even knew it and was dead center bullseye at about 8 yards. Way better shooter than I am for sure, the mags are junk imo they are hard to load and tilt like crazy. I picked up some Chip McCormick mags to replace them.
 #102092  by whatevah
Thanks for the input on their mags... I got to shoot a few rounds from a friend's Kimber last week at 15yds. That long barrel and sight radius make it look easy! The trigger didn't impress me, though.

I still want a stainless gun, but just put out a bit of money on a few charities, so might wait another few weeks before I take a visit to Federal Firearms.