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 #111775  by Red Alert
I've recently purchased a couple new pistols and have been itching to spend some serious time @ the range.

I've been doing some checking and I want to hear from folks that have used .380 and 9mm target ammo. I'm new to both calibers so any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.
 #111776  by NCC
Winchester white box at Walmart works. Unless you look online for a bulk purchase. Maybe check Cabellos too?

I usually buy the cheapest name brand ball ammo for range food.
 #111779  by dave_in_delaware
Walmart used to regularly stock an Italian ammo called Perfecta (115gr, 9mm). My Springfield XD's love that ammo. It was $9.78/50 round box. But, I don't think they carry that any longer. They seem to cater to Winchester and Remington now.

I'd suggest trying to find bulk ammo online somewhere, during a sale (per round) or free shipping or both. Maybe try Palmetto State Armory, Cabela's, NatchezSS, etc.

Have you used Gunbot before? You can search for the cheapest ammo (per round).
 #111780  by pick_six is sort of a drudgereport for buying gun things.

They have posts of items for sale from many different vendors / stores there, with links to that vendors site. The benefit is that for you don’t necessarily have to goto multiple vendor sites. Ammo, guns, parts,’accessories, etc. again, they don’t sell directly, but they list items from vendors and provide links to the specific vendor.

They list different things for a few days each and then have different things. It’s not all inclusive, but there are usually links to good deals on more common/popular ammo. Usually some of the places Dave mentioned. 9/223/556/45 etc are usually represented and they break the price down /round.

It’s worth a check.
 #111785  by jslacker
For 9 I've always used white box, federal range, and Remington UMC with success.