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 #78026  by Lfod/Dtom
Was looking to buy some ammo in bulk and ran across this message on a couple sites-"ATTENTION-Residents of CA,DE,DC,IL etc. please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any ammunition products." Does anyone know if Delaware has any restrictions on ordering bulk(500+) rounds of ammo? Also found this .40 JHP ammo for a great price, anyone have any experience with this company or ammo? ... ition.aspx
 #78028  by HoBoJoe
No issues buying ammo online, i had some 6.8spc delivered today.
 #78029  by photog
And no restrictions on round count... I have ordered 1000 round cases online many times from As for the online store you asked about, I've never dealt with them.... I've carried Remington Golden Sabres JHP's in the past... no complaints.
 #78030  by MyP1245
Ditto! Never had a problem.
 #78031  by HoBoJoe
Did a quick google search on that website, they don't have very good reviews. is where i purchase online, however they are popular so have been selling out really fast.
 #78033  by MyP1245
Just got in 880 rounds of 7.62X54R today from SGAmmo. Good price even with the shipping. Have ordered the same from
1000 rounds .223 remington from Freedom Munitions.
No issues so far, at least with delivery. Haven't actually fired any of the 7.62 but what I've seen, this 40 year old military surplus ammo looks brand new once you access the inside of the can. I wouldn't be afraid to order from any of these folks.
 #78035  by Boots
Aren't there ammo restrictions in Wilmington?
 #78037  by Guard_Duck
Boots wrote:Aren't there ammo restrictions in Wilmington?
Yes, ammo coated with Teflon and other polymers is banned, but JHP's aren't.
 #78039  by bluedog46
No issues ordering online ammo.

Could be they just linked Delaware with other communist states because of many of our politics. Other than that cant think of any reason.
 #78042  by Lfod/Dtom
Thanks guys,i've ordered 1,500 rounds from before, just wanted to make sure I didn't inadvertently break any laws.Need to restock.