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 #103105  by Red Alert
I'm looking for an inside the waist holster for my LC9s. I did some minor research on the net and so far saw good things with Crossbreed. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like tight pants so I'm a bit worried on how it would feel.

Anyone have an personal experience with inside the waist holsters and can give me some pros and cons?

Cow or horse hide?

 #103106  by whatevah
Whenever I'm not in my work uniform, I'm carrying. 99% of the time, that's with an IWB holster. I have a leather/kydex holster from Kholster (one man shop that closed this past summer), that's very similar to Crossbreed. Apparently there are some quality differences, but these are pretty simple things with not many things to improve upon. I guess higher quality leather, but this is very comfortable and sturdy. Very comfortable... I can barely feel it right now, and forget I'm wearing it occasionally. This is with a Walther PPS (same size/weight as the M&P Shield)... with a full-size gun, it's not as much fun.

I also like a good pair of loose jeans, and went up a waist size to make it more comfortable.

As for pros and cons... aside from leather quality, I guess the differences would come in via the type of belt hook used, shape and material. Crossbreed offers a few types of clips, I only have the standard type with mine, but the J hooks might be a nice upgrade for dress pants.
 #103107  by Red Alert
Thanks bud...
 #103108  by cj45lc
check out

one man deal (Ray) very great to do business with, he didn't have the laser for my wife's PK380 so he had me send just the laser & he made the holster. All told from the time I talked with him & made the arrangement to send the laser we received the 2 holsters & 2 mag carriers in less than 2 weeks.

I'm real happy with mine, it's cowhide & is very comfortable but I would like to try a horsehide
BTW the design is pretty much identical to CB or any of the other hybrid IWB holsters for about 1/3 the price
 #103109  by dave_in_delaware
I love my Crossbreed Supertuck holster. Ordered mine with adjustable cant.

I can wear my XD sub-compact and forget I'm carrying it.

Nice warranty on it, too. They used to use older plastic-like clips. Mine broke and they sent new metal replacements no charge. If the Kydex breaks, they'll replace that, too.

They stand behind their product.

I'm 100% satisfied with the holster and customer service.
 #103115  by NCC
cj45lc wrote:check out

BTW the design is pretty much identical to CB or any of the other hybrid IWB holsters for about 1/3 the price
+1, I have a couple of these from him.
 #103117  by Red Alert
Thanks guys. I'll be checking them out today...