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 #103324  by slickvic107
Im pretty sure the answer is no but I wanted to ask anyway. If I am using a Sneaky Pete holster with it shown in plain view on my body, is this open carry? You can see the holster but you cannot see that there is a firearm in it. Thanks in advance.
 #103327  by Surface Dragon
I'm not a lawyer but I would have to agree with viper and also answer no to your question. I would like to carry partially concealed using an IWB holster with only the grip showing but I was told that wouldn't be considered OC in DE.
 #103329  by whatevah
The sneaky pete is marketed as a concealment holster and designed specifically to hide a gun. Not even close to being "open".
 #103332  by Kuntryboy816
That's a bit of an oxymoron to consider a holster named "Sneaky Pete" as an OC alternative. The 'holster' is just a square container... not even pistol-shaped. I'd think someone was carrying a tablet or a plethora of other usages before I ever considered it being a pistol holster!