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 #90399  by Taurus247
I try to keep my pistols from holster wear (for possible future sale and also like to keep my stuff looking good) but with my serpa holster with practice drawing and presenting and also the everyday taking it in and out of the holster my pistol is starting to show a little wear. Dose anyone do anything to keep holster wear down? Im thinking about putting some soft side velcro or something like that on the inside of my holster where my pistol rubs. Has anyone done that or something like that? Or is it just a matter of life?
 #90400  by scampbell3
The only way to prevent holster wear is to leave it in the safe or padded gun case. No matter what type of holster you use, the EDC firearm will eventually show holster wear.

IMO, holster wear gives a firearm character. My EDC firearms all show signs of holster wear, but they function just like a safe queen.

 #90413  by myopicvisionary
My SERPA causes the least wear of all the holsters I have.
 #90429  by Amy Blackthorn
And altering the interior of your holster with Velcro can cause it to malfunction. I'd rather have holster wear than the possibility of not being able to use my holster when I need it in defense if my life.
 #90758  by spillanej
Just rub down the metal exterior with a good bit of gun oil and dry with a clean cloth to clean dirt out of any abrasions in the paint or metal and keep the now exposed metal from gathering corrosives, especially during the winter when it rains and snows and we breathe more salt from the roads than oxygen from the trees.
 #99741  by dave_in_delaware
My EDC gun has all kinds of holster wear, which is to be expected since it is holstered and drawn a few times per day during normal daily activities.

I'd rather have a visually-blemished perfectly functioning firearm (that has proven itself in the field) ON my person, than a rarely-see-the-light-of-day pristine safe queen.
 #99744  by whatevah
This is an older thread now, but a carry gun is expected to have wear. It's impossible to have a carry gun without holster wear... but, my CC gun (leather/kydex IWB) isn't wearing as bad as I expected it would, maybe from the Walther finish? I was a little concerned about a $600+ gun getting worn or scratched, but I'm ok with it now. :)