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Fixed or Folded

Fixed Blade
Folding Blade
 #92979  by Taurus247
Been pondering this for awhile now. I have always carried a folding blade for self defense. I carry two right now. One for everyday use and the other for Self Defense. I have been thinking about getting a fixed blade to replace my second one. So fixed or folding?
 #92986  by MrCoolDale
This is an argument that can go on forever. I typically carry two knives; one fixed and one folding. A folding knife is definitely the more socially accepted knife to pull out for everyday use (opening a letter, cutting a string off your jacket, et cetera.) However, fixed blades tend to have strength and ergonomics that can't be matched by folders. They have blades of all different shapes and sizes, handles with many different materials, and all kinds of nifty things built in. As I said, I carry both. My folder is a Columbia River Eros (Don't worry, they can be had for half the price) and my fixed blade is ever changing dependent on my dress and the situation.

Columbia River makes some excellent knives at pretty good prices. They might not be the extreme durability of Extrema Ratio, but they aren't the prices of them either. As for CRKT fixed blades, I suggest checking out their A.B.C., Crawford, or Ryan Plan B for smaller fixed blades at great prices. For something huge, check out the Ultima; it's the most comfortable knife I've ever held. Ever.

Of course, SOG makes some amazing pieces, as does Cold Steel (I love The Spike), Extrema Ratio, Buck, Ranger, Parker, Ka Bar, and all the other names you already know. Another advantage to venturing into fixed blades are all the independent, professional knife makers out there willing to make you something custom. Ben Tendick's BPK (Bomb Proof Knife) is absolutely gorgeous worth a look.

Essentially, as with many things out there, it comes down to preference. I definitely prefer a fixed blade, but I tend to get some good stares at work when using one to open my pay stub. So, I do exactly what you're contemplating: I carry a folder for mundane tasks, and a fixed for heavy-use/self-defense. They are fast into action, no stupid safeties or levers to mess with during high-stress situations, and the hinge will never break.
 #92990  by astro_wanabe
I just want to note that a fixed blade knife may not fall under the "ordinary pocketknife" exception to the definition of a deadly weapon, and therefore may require a CCDW to carry concealed. It also doesn't fall under the protections of preemption, so there may be local ordinances against carrying one.

11 Del. C. §222(5) "Deadly weapon" includes a "firearm", as defined in paragraph (12) of this section, a bomb, a knife of any sort (other than an ordinary pocketknife carried in a closed position), switchblade knife, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, metal knuckles, slingshot, razor, bicycle chain or ice pick or any "dangerous instrument", as defined in paragraph (4) of this section, which is used, or attempted to be used, to cause death or serious physical injury. For the purpose of this definition, an ordinary pocketknife shall be a folding knife having a blade not more than 3 inches in length.
 #93218  by Kuntryboy816
I typically carry my Leatherman Wave with me. That would be a far stretch to use as a Defensive blade but with all of the features and given enough time I could perform brain surgery! :lol:

I like the idea of a fixed blade for EDC. Problem being that it isn't quite as comfortable or convenient as a folder. That is unless you've got a back mounted sheath and quoting Mick... "Awww they're just some kids having a bit of fun!...... That's not a knife! This's a knife!" 8-)
 #93227  by y0rlik
The main issue I see with a fixed blade (besides the pertinent issues raised by astro about it being a deadly weapon under DE code), is that in the eyes of an overzealous DA and most ordinary citizens, it could be seen as going too far over the top or looking for a fight. Unless you're out in the woods hunting and you want to field dress your kill, there really isn't anything a fixed blade knife can do that a folder can't, and if you carry one, to most ordinary people, you look like a real Rambo who's out to kill somebody.

Quite frankly, a legitimate self-defense scenario where you have to hurt somebody is enough trouble for you to deal with from a legal perspective without having to deal with the added PR issue of having used a knife that's designed specifically for cutting extra-large hunks of meat out of somebody. To me it's analogous to shooting somebody with a handgun vs. shooting somebody with a rifle. They both leave holes in the other party, but the former looks more to an ordinary citizen like self-defense rather than a Rambo on the lunatic fringe looking to pick a fight.

Our objective should be to stop the fight, not leave the other guy bleeding out before the EMTs arrive. Do you really want to deal with the added fallout of using a fixed blade knife or too much firearm when the DA decides to go after you for murder for depriving somebody's mama of their dear little angel (that the dear little angel was really a two bit thug will be irrelevant at the time they charge you)? I sure don't. IMO, that means we should use what an ordinary citizen associates with self-defense: standard caliber handguns (e.g., no .44 magnums or .357 maximums and certainly not a rifle!) and ordinarily-sized folding knives.

Let me remind you that self-defense is an affirmative defense. That means that you have to first admit that you committed the act of violence (homicide, assault, etc.), and then the DA gets to decide whether it was justified. That's where the PR comes in. If you're carrying around too much knife/firearm, then it looks a lot less like self-defense to an ordinary citizen and more like you were looking for/expecting trouble. It undermines your case for self-defense. Better to stick to something more mundane if you want to avoid getting unfairly charged and possibly convicted of a crime because of public opinion.