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 #93475  by GreaseMonkey
Well, the time has come to get a decent safe. I've been keeping all of my toys in a safe at my parent's business for years, and I'm tired of always needing to stop there to pick things up when I need them. I'm looking at the Liberty Franklin/FatBoy series because of their size and security, but I'm definitely open to suggestions if anyone knows of anything better or cheaper (with the same security and function), or knows where to go to get a deal (or decent financing) ;)

As always, you're help and advice is much appreciated! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!!
 #93483  by BobW
I have the Liberty and I love it. Make sure that you get one bigger than you think you will need. They shrink as they age. LOL!
 #93485  by GreaseMonkey
LOL! Yeah, that's what everyone keeps telling me! I'm going to get the biggest one they've got. I just have to come up with the $$. I'm at an age where I'm acquiring more and more toys. People find out you're a "gun guy", and whenever a family member passes, I'm first on the list for those who have no clue what to do with their guns... I recently received a brand new Beretta Xtrema 2. The woman was going to turn it into the police :o !?!?!?! I told her I'd give her a few $$ for it, but she wouldn't accept, and gave it and a few other toys to me for nothing! Someone's getting a nice Christmas Ham this year! LOL! Sooner or later I'm going to have to buy a table at the Nur Temple gun show...
 #98126  by Mirlen
I'm pondering an upgrade to my safe and have to weigh (pun intended) security vs. movability in the event we move. Wife isn't keen on spending too much on something we end up having to leave behind due to moving costs, so that rules out most TL-15, TL-30's :) I have seen a few modular options that look interesting, and placing a decently wide one that would be impossible to remove without tearing down your wall sounds interesting:

Zanotti Armor:
Expensive, get good reviews, outrageous leadtime of 10 months (!) - Width for largest is a little shy of what I want for my closet and on the widest one it's probably too deep to open the door...Two of the smallest won't fit width of closet.

Little cheaper, but made in China, so suspect the quality is not up to the Zanotti standards. These come in much shallower depths but the width is a bit less than Zanotti. Size-wise the Titan XL is what I'd want but am left wondering if it's worth what they charge for the quality...

Dakota Interloc-xp:
12 gauge steel, lighter than what I'd like and no size options, 60x30x26 only.

Any other modular options out there?

Oh, I did find one more:

But I'm afraid to ask on the price...or weight...

Somebody needs to tool up and start a new company doing these things inbetween Zanotti and Modul-X...somethingl like a 1/4" plate option...
 #98128  by Surface Dragon
Do have the ability to modify a wall or crawlspace to hide a safe?

You can get away with having a cheaper/lighter safe if you hide it well enough.

And you don't always need the biggest safe possible because you can bolt more than one safe together or hide multiple safes in different places.
 #102110  by Mirlen
Guess when I posted this I was pondering modular and forgot to mention Sturdy:

Be sure to call or email them for pricing as it's often 10% or better off the webpage prices and they got a new freight company cutting freight cost too. They offer base models in 7 gauge or upgrades to 4 gauge as well as thicker interior fire liner options, stainless etc. They won't have the gloss and fancyness of some but you get more steel for the money.

I'm leaning back towards a modular as it fits almost perfectly in a concealed spot which I think is a good thing.
 #102348  by WPCatfish
Whatever safe you get, it won't be big enough.
 #102358  by Boots
WPCatfish wrote:Whatever safe you get, it won't be big enough.
True dat!
 #102500  by Red Alert
Get two. One for the toys and the other for the batteries. I'm thinking I need another one now...