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 #99148  by dbickpg
I can't find holsters for this gun...Beretta doesnt make one, and blackhawk doesnt either. I don't want one of those crappy generic cloth holsters. Does anyone know of a good holster for the 92fs compact with rail?
 #99159  by Kuntryboy816
Head on over to X-Ring. They'll let you try and match a BH Serpa to your firearm before you purchase it. I spent about an hour before I found one that fit my FN Forty-Nine.
 #99172  by 08///M3Saloon
From what I can tell (reading dimension specs/ looking at photographs the 92fs compact is very similar to the Fullsize FS only noteable thing I see is the squared off trigger guard which would lead me to believe it would fit any Safariland ALS style holster designed for a 92 vertec. I carry a 92 on duty and if you wanted to meet someplace (I'm from Dover) and try it for fit in my 6360 that will give you the [emoji106] to get a 6378. Obviously the holster would be a bit longer in the muzzle area than needed but I don't see a problem there.
 #99207  by dbickpg
Thanks for the replies everyone...I contacted blackhawk, and they will be making one shortly, or so they say. I just couldn't see spending $100+ on a custom holster. The issue seems to be with the rail on the gun.