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This is incorrect.Image and as most of you say "looks out of place". Fair enough.

But properly worn ala.Imagethis in all black IMO looks just fine, and adds yet another option for some people. (Be it winter with a jacket and not wanting to hassle with tucking or honestly any damn reason that person feels that they want to.)
Everyone is fully entitled to their opinion, but I think we can all agree that answering each other's questions and avoiding giving people flak over nonsense is what a forum is about, the sharing of knowledge.
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This picture -
Really shows how a thigh rig accentuates your manhood or as some call it "the bulge".

But all kidding aside the more I look into thigh rig options the more I seriously want one.

And this picture show the height that I would want to wear a thigh rig at pretty well. That specific thigh rig looks way to large with too much excess plastic hindering the use of your front pocket. Yes, black would look a lot better. And I would definitely not want a big plastic buckle that close to my manhood.
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Surface Dragon wrote:This picture -
Really shows how a thigh rig accentuates your manhood or as some call it "the bulge".
But all kidding aside the more I look into thigh rig options the more I seriously want one.
I REALLY want to respond to this honestly but due to the amount of alcohol that has been consumed by this time I must refrain from any comments that would insult your manhood and possibly get me ejected from this forum.

So, to all, I ask forgiveness for not responding to this as I SHOULD have and weaseling out with this meager response.
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That's the middle offering from safariland, they offer one larger with 2 straps and the one in my first post the lightweight that's not designed to carry additional mags or whatever gear you decide to strap to it as the one pictured is. As far as the buckle goes it can be worn in any position simple by threading the strap differently I would suggest all the way up against the shroud itself, if you decide to ever try one.
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If you just want to move the gun down a couple inches, some holsters do have mounts that allow you to do that without the "ninja mall cop" look. For example, Blackhawk seems to offer 3 different belt loop drop heights:
High Ride
Mid Ride
Jacket Slot
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Also great options, just keep in mind that all but the high ride loop are designed for Blackhawks DUTY line of holsters not the CQC non-duty.
Each has it's own size of mounting screws. So the relevant difference is the diameter and length of the attachment screws. You can't use the screws that come with the Jacket/mid ride loop because they are duty holster screws and are too large in diameter. You can't use your non-duty screws because they are too short in length.
To make this work you would need to take a trip to the hardware store and purchase 3 (8-32) screws in the length of the screws that came with the paddle yet are the correct diameter for the metal insets in the CQC holster.
This will run you into yet another small problem. The duty loops use an over the belt clamp style of attachment. (Designed for an outer duty belt to be locked on and only removed with the entire belt) The best way I can describe this is the prongs are folded over the belt and attached via pressure/screws. The mount is designed for duty use and as such will not slide across the belt. This makes it impossible to attach to a belt you are already wearing.
However there is a solution for this as well. While at the hardware store pick up 2 (1/4in) nylon bushings and 2 more screws that match the mounting screws diameter (8-32)yet are 1/4in longer to accommodate the new bushings. These modifications will allow you to carry your CQC on a blackhawk jacket slot drop, properly, securely, minimal headache, and actually allow easy on and off.Imagepicture courtesy of DanM from
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Surface Dragon wrote:If you wear a thigh rig you will undoubtedly gain the new nickname Tomb Raider.
I'm not opposed to thigh rigs but I do think they look a little ridiculous and make quite a ballsy statement when worn with civilian clothes.

I was actually thinking of getting a thigh rig so that I can OC with a jacket easier.
If it was a chick who looked like that I wouldnt mind aha

Ill have to see if ic an find the guys card but he makes CCW holsters that attach to a cellphone case or tape measure holder and you can pull them up and draw out of a holster inside your pants.

At the Oaks gun show he was demonstrating it. Pretty cool and fast drawing system.