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September 30, Associated Press – (Arizona) Guns OK in Arizona bars starting Wednesday. A new Arizona law that goes into effect Wednesday that will allow guns into Arizona bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Under the law, backed by the National Rifle Association, the 138,350 people with concealed-weapons permits in Arizona will be allowed to bring their guns into bars and restaurants that have not posted signs banning them. Those carrying the weapons are not allowed to drink alcohol. The new law has local bar owners and workers wondering: What’s going to happen when guns are allowed in an atmosphere filled with booze and people with impaired judgment? If a bar owner does not want the weapon in the establishment, he/she most post a state-approved sign indicating that rule. Otherwise, people with concealed weapons are allowed in with their guns. There is no way to track how many of Arizona’s 5,800 bars and restaurants that serve alcohol have posted such signs. The Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control has signs available for download on its Web site and does not track that figure. The department has provided 1,300 signs to bar and restaurant owners who went to the department in person or asked to have signs mailed to them. The NRA says 41 states now allow guns in businesses that serve alcohol.

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33074414/ns/us_news-life/