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By Sophie Tatum, CNN

Updated 4:16 PM ET, Wed April 25, 2018

Washington (CNN)A Delaware gun control measure named for the late Beau Biden is headed to the governor's desk, after the state's General Assembly passed the legislation on Tuesday.
The bill would create a process for law-enforcement officials to get permission to search and seize firearms from individuals who are deemed by mental health professionals to be dangerous to themselves and others.

Dubbed "The Beau Biden Gun Violence Protection Act," HB 302 is similar to 2013 legislation Biden had introduced as attorney general, according to Delaware Online. However, it failed at the time in the Senate. Biden died of brain cancer in 2015.

According to the bill's roll call, it passed unanimously in the state Senate.

Delaware Gov. John Carney tweeted in support of the gun reform legislation on Wednesday, calling it "a really important piece of legislation."
"The Beau Biden Gun Violence Prevention Act is a really important piece of legislation in a package of comprehensive gun safety reform that will help make our state safer. #netDE," Carney, a Democrat, tweeted.
He also tweeted following its passage Tuesday, calling it "commonsense, bipartisan reform that will make our state safer."

Calls for lawmakers to prioritize gun control legislation has been heightened following a mass shooting at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this year. Students have been at the forefront of the movement, and have organized multiple school walkouts demanding action.
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The letter I just sent to my Rep and Senator.

http://legis.delaware.gov/BillDetail?Le ... onId=26339


Granted, I have only read the synopsis, but please help me to understand what the process is for the CITIZEN to get his weapons returned to him once he has been determined to no longer be a danger, by the (any?) "mental health service provider, institution, agency, or hospital to disclose confidential communications to a law enforcement if the mental health service provider, institution, agency, or hospital concludes that the patient is dangerous to self or dangerous to others."?

Feel free to paste it here if in the much longer docs I have not read yet.
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No response after 24 hours. Sent them a reminder.