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Man walking with AR-15 near Philly causes alarm, police say

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Police say a man who has been reported carrying an AR-15 in Abington Township, just north of Philadelphia, has a right to do so, although the township police chief said in a letter to residents that his actions had caused unnecessary alarm.

The department released a letter from Chief Patrick Molloy on Monday, in which he said police had received multiple reports of a suspicious person with an AR-15 slung over his back in the area of North Hills, Ardsley, Glenside and the Abington Shopping Center.

The chief said the man may be attempting to draw officers into an encounter over his Second Amendment right to carry the weapon in public.
"All of our officers are well aware of this passive-aggressive tactic, as they have been videotaped during at least one encounter with him," Molloy said. He said the man's actions were lawful, but had no apparent legitimate purpose and had caused unnecessary alarm and taken up police resources.

Molloy said he understood people's frustration and concern, but urged people not to take action and not to speak to the man, but to call police if they feel threatened.

"Our Department will continue to balance our duty to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of this individual with our duty to provide public safety to all of our residents," the chief wrote. He said police were continuing to investigate.