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 #111595  by pick_six
Gabby, every town, and the counties/state of Hawaii have filed their soiled briefs in regard to this case.

In their opinions, everyone in their state, or any of the usual 2a hating states, will start dropping like flies at the mere sight of a firearm! /sarcasm.

The Maryland shooters site, mdshooters.com, has a good thread related to this. One of the posters is the attorney representing young. He is keeping the thread updated with all the most recent activity.

As a non lawyer, So much seems wrong about their points in this case.

They seem to think the wording about "hearth and home" in Heller means you only have the right to carry in your house. And no where else!!! Unless .gov thinks you meet the terms of double secret probation.
 #111653  by California_Exile
Of course our dipstick AG joined the brief, as did the AG of at least one other no-permit-required-open-carry state, Virginia.

I'll be glad to see our incumbent AG's departure, though having voted this morning, I can't say I'm sanguine about his successor.