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 #112185  by California_Exile
It's so nice to have honest local media with good reading comprehension to cover vital breaking stories like this. Oooh, look, a Sunday morning march for "peace"! We're all in favor of peace here, right, comrades?

https://www.delawareonline.com/story/ne ... 811797002/

"A large group of people" appears on the video to be maybe three dozen adults plus some juvenile and canine props. Big news, a powerful cry coming from the heart of the people! But hey, if the News-Journal says it's newsworthy, then it is.

"A broad-based coalition of faith, nonprofit and community groups formed in 2014 in response to ongoing violence in Delaware" is the usual crowd of gun-grabbers, some of liberal religious persuasions and some just ordinary ACLU types.

From "Nonviolent Wilmington"'s web page: "We will put the word “nonviolent” in front of our city, and help others envision, organize and work for a new, unarmed, peace-loving community." Of course.

"Put the guns down, your children want to grow up." Nope.