Be respectful of others' views and choices.
 #110969  by Kuntryboy816
Anyone else going to the hearing? I am planning on going to this barring any unforeseen circumstances.
 #110981  by rosco87
I was there....saw you!

FYI: People can also submit comments opposing regulations through March 27 by emailing or by mailing Lisa Vest, Hearing Officer, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901.

Pass this info on far and wide
 #110982  by pick_six
Thanks for attending guys.

Did they seem receptive to viewpoints other than their cut of the regs?
 #110985  by Kuntryboy816
pick_six wrote:Thanks for attending guys.

Did they seem receptive to viewpoints other than their cut of the regs?
They didn't seem persuaded one way or the other and basically it was just an open forum to make your points in favor of or against these policies. I was about 15 mins late so I don't know what they discussed, if anything, prior to the public comment session. The anti's were showing off their behinds with their made up statistics and cries for the children's safety as usual which fired up the pro2A'ers. Most of the discourse was civil and restrained until one guy got up and likened those of us who carry akin to the Klan and Nazis!

I foresee these regulations as being agreed upon and passed... which will in turn lead to another lawsuit and wasted time and $$ to effect our 2A God-given rights. It's definitely going to be a long drawn out process from what I can see. As Roscoe said, public comments can still be submitted via snail mail or email and made part of the public hearing record for the next 15 days.
 #111419  by josephjanes
DNREC holding 4 meetings on State Parks usage. To be held 4-7 p.m., at Deerfield Golf Club, 507 Thompson Station Rd., Newark, DE, 19711 on 6/25, 7/10, 8/1, 8/20/18 , to address usage of White Clay Creek State Park. i.e. Meetings NOT being held on State Park Land.
 #111420  by josephjanes

DNREC holding first of four White Clay Creek State Park meetings

Do you use White Clay Creek State Park? Do you love it? Is there room for improvement? DNREC wants to hear from you.

Tonight will be the first of four "open house" public meetings on the Division of Parks and Recreation's master plan for White Clay Creek State Park. The master plan is meant to provide a long-term vision and framework for the park's stewardship and use.

The schedule of meetings is:

•June 25: Natural Resources and Interpretation (for input on topics such as habitat, farming, ponds/streams, historical and natural programming)
•July 10: Buildings/Infrastructure (for input on topics such as the Nature Center, Office, use of buildings, current/future concessionaires)
•August 1: Roads and Trails (for input on topics such as roads, trails, and connectivity)
•August 20: Recreation (for input on topics such as activities, golf course, visiting historic sites, events, fishing)

All four meetings will be held from 4-7 p.m. at Deerfield (507 Thompson Station Road, Newark, DE 19711). Times and dates are subject to change, so be sure to double-check the State's public meeting calendar before attending.

The public is also invited to fill out this online survey and/or to submit general comments to

Hope you can attend,

Sen. Jack Walsh
 #111424  by josephjanes
I stand corrected. I attended last night's meeting at Deerfield Golf Course. Turns out it is owned by DNREC, and leased to the Golf Course, so apparently still subject to new DNREC regulations.
As I was signing in, the man behind me asked the DNREC employee if guns were allowed. Surprised, she said ' I'll have to find out'. I went ahead into meeting room, and poster presentations on White Clay Creek State Park (including hunting). As I was chatting with one of DNREC staff, Park Ranger John Wales came up, and waited for me to finish, then politely, professionally asked if we could talk privately, in the hallway. "Sure, no problem". He informed me Deerfield G.C. was part of White Clay Creek State Park, and leased to Golf Club. I said I didn't know that, I thought it was private. I showed him my CDW license, and he asked me to cover up my pistol.
I'll be attending the next mtg. on 7/10 & 8/1 , in a T-shirt 2 sizes too small, to show off my belly rolls, and a good 'printing' !
Next mtg. is on Bldgs./Infrastructure. Seems like a good time to find out why Firearm restrictions in DNREC bldgs.