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 #111324  by pick_six
saw this posted on another site.

a story about what is done to beat back the assault in delaware.

i think a lot of folks that were fence sitting are getting down and choosing sides. as noted in a previous post, a friend who never owned a gun before purchased his first and is taking an active roll. ... rifle-ban/
 #111335  by brich2929
Get out to Leg Hall TOMORROW, June 6th!!!

Bills in Committee hearings tomorrow:

SB163 Carney's "Assault Weapons" Ban
HB366 sAfe Storage Bill

The Above will be heard starting at 2pm in the Senate. Get there early if you wish to speak against them. Also, CALL YOUR REPS!

HB222 "Violence Protection Orders"
This one goes up for hearing starting at 3pm in the House.

These are all bullshit bills and MUST BE STOPPED.

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 #111337  by Amy Blackthorn
Heard Hogg and his Cronies were going to be in Delaware tomorrow to protest for all the anti-gun bills going up tomorrow. Anyone hear about this?
 #111338  by Owen
Wish I wasn't at work. It would be awesome to open carry some scary black rifles right in front of Leg Hall (again)! :sparring:
 #111339  by NCC
Is there a Hogg hunting season in DE?
 #111340  by brich2929
Amy Blackthorn wrote:Heard Hogg and his Cronies were going to be in Delaware tomorrow to protest for all the anti-gun bills going up tomorrow. Anyone hear about this?
He wasn't at SB163 hearing
 #111342  by NCC
From an NRA email today!

Today, the Senate Judicial and Community Affairs Committee voted 3-2 to defeat radical gun ban measure, Senate Bill 163. Introduced as Senate Bill 163 and pushed by Governor Carney, this anti-gun legislation sought to ban semi-automatic firearms commonly-owned for self-defense, target shooting and hunting. While this is an important step in the ultimate defeat of SB 163, this legislation will remain alive in the legislature until the end of session on June 30. NRA members must stay vigilant in their opposition to gun control this session.

Thank you to NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters who contacted committee members in opposition to this anti-gun legislation. Special thanks to those committee members who voted NO on Senate Bill 163, Senator Bruce Ennis, Senator Gregory Lavelle, and Senator Dave Lawson. (my emphasis) Please contact those Senators and thank them for supporting your Second Amendment rights by opposing SB 163.

Senator Gregory Lavelle (R-4)

Senator Bruce Ennis (D-14)

Senator Dave Lawson (R-15)

I sent the following email to these 3 senators and CC'd Towsend on it.

Dear Sirs,

Unfortunately I am in Townsend's district. I wanted to send you my profound thanks for turning down the asinine and idiotic SB163 today. I sincerely appreciate you protecting my second amendment rights and representing me as he certainly does not. At any turn.

NCC (well, uno)
 #111363  by Amy Blackthorn
pick_six wrote:How did it go? The hearing.

does it sound like any chance of this thing being turned back?
brich2929 wrote: He wasn't at SB163 hearing
It was good. 157 +/- were there. Packed the room, the balcony and they even had to open the room just underneath where you can listen to the hearings. At one point the guard came in to call order. “You all are going to have to find a seat” so everyone sat exactly where they were standing. People in the aisles, along the walls packed. Way more were there to oppose than for the bill. Only got two signatures.